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Pap Cures Naturally
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Cured In A Few Months

Find out how a person can, by natural means, simply eradicate HPV infections and concerns, like atypical Pap tests and cervical dysplasia, and thereby avoid terrible surgery.

Cured In A Few Months

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I thought you might be interested in my update. Firstly I must say God is good, and I thank Him for His faithfulness. I went for my second, 3 month Pap test the other day and I am happy to report that I am still ALL CLEAR! My doctor was clearly angry with me for standing my ground and stepping out by faith. She was adamant that I was doing the wrong thing by taking Beta-Mannan , and attempted to provoke fear in me by stating: "You must come in to have the colposcopy procedure because you have HPV, don't you know that could lead to cervical cancer???!!!" She strongly disagreed with my decision to try this all natural product... She continued to say, "I don't believe in that sort of thing and I strongly advise you to change your mind!!!" Well let me tell you, I see this as a miracle, God is at work here.

When I went for my Pap test this time 3 months on, my doctor had changed her tune, she actually told me she was very surprised by my results and had never seen anything like that before!!! She asked me to tell her again what natural product I was using, how much did the product cost, and is it easy to use? She was extremely interested so I told her my routine, that I am continuing with Beta-mannan just as maintenance, which are 2 caps per day and 1 cap vaginally per week. However, since my results were "all clear," the last time I had my pap, I've got to say that honestly I haven't been as "religious" with taking Beta-mannan; although I do strive to take 2 caps orally each day. I also gave her the web address for Alotek and telephone number. I was very pleased that she came to me, and although her pride seemed hurt, she saw beyond herself and was humble enough to seek the truth.

She is strongly thinking about informing all her patients about this wonderful product!!! Amazingly God has managed to change an unbelieving heart... to one that seeks after righteousness. God is so good! I feel like I've been used as a witness for this product, it makes me feel very blessed and also I feel extremely humbled because I know that I have felt the fear, I have cried many tears, I know the distress one feels when told by your doctor "You have HPV." But out of something so terrifying I also know that there is hope with using Beta-mannan and that many, many women can be saved from colposcopies and the numerous other invasive painful procedures. I know that they too can be happy and healthy. Cindy